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As a professional Consciousness Empowerment Expert, Mentor & Advisor based in Los Angeles, CA, I help you get out of your own way by eliminating lifelong unconscious self-sabotaging beliefs. My expertise is getting to the root cause of what blocks or stops you from achieving your greatest passions, goals and desires. This results in creating and commanding lifelong sustainable power and living a life of brilliance and sparkle.

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Need Business Clarity?

I’ve helped many clients solve problems and overcome obstacles in their way of financial success. “Once I worked with you, Karen […] I feel focused and determined more than ever, and trust myself to attract clients, and build my own business.” – Jaclyn Foster

Dreams Feeling Out Of Reach?

My coaching methods and techniques are based on my own life’s healing and transformation, in which I created a Proven Proprietary Coaching System to get rid of the “viruses running in the subconscious software” of your brain. I’m the “Antivirus Program” for your life!

Need Help Overcoming Life's Obstacles?

Feelings of FAILURE can be easily dispelled by tracking our objective results! Results don’t lie… but your brain will lie to you whenever it thinks it is being threatened by FEAR ~ False Evidence Appearing Real.

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