What Differentiates Karen From All Others:

Who and Why Karen Love Lee is Unique and Highly SPECIALIZED:

I am a Master Empowerment Expert with a Proven Proprietary Coaching System backed up by hundreds of hours of documented client case studies and testimonials.

I help highly driven and evolved entrepreneurs wanting to radiate maximum power and confidence, and command optimal health, relationships, and lifestyle, while living a brilliantly purposeful life.

My Clients come to me because they are extremely dissatisfied with using self-improvement processes that fail to produce rapidly radical results with lifelong sustainability.

My New Empowerment Model program is an evolutionary self-acceleration system that provides visionary entrepreneurs the ability to renew their unstoppable enthusiasm, relationships, and business while commanding a life of love, purpose and freedom.

And, unlike other self-help methods my system cuts the creation and learning curve by 20-30 years whereby your circumstances become irrelevant, and teaches you how to achieve your deepest desires from the power of your clear, intentional mind and heart.

The Key to Sustainable Empowerment

My unique methodology gets rid of the lifelong disempowering self-beliefs that were formulated early in childhood. By default the human brain will actually hide these old scripts that lie dormant for years until an similar experience triggers them, and our brain will stop us from going outside what is most familiar, and what is perceived as our “Comfort Zone.”

This is the hidden unconscious mechanism that stops us from achieving our highest potential and goals. Some of the symptoms are perpetual procrastination; distraction; lateral movement; the inability to break through a plateau; ongoing set-backs; and not being able to get off our Self-Fulfilling Prophecy Wheel. We actually end up doing the same thing, thinking it’s different, yet we continue to get the same results, which most people never want to see, let alone admit.

My system addresses all of this, and together we are able to detect the deep-seeded root cause of these debilitating beliefs, that I call, “Mind-Myths.” Once we find the culprits, we are then able to get rid of them, and then create brand new empowering thought systems, which result in profound self-confidence, clarity, focus, intention, speed and effortless action.

This then gives you the inherent ability to “Think and Grow Prosperous” in every area of your life.