“The missing piece you didn’t know you were missing”

This is the best way I would describe my experience of working with Karen Love Lee in her coaching. She helps you find and understand the piece of your life that you didn’t know you were missing. My pursuit to not just continue to grow in my personal and business life, but actually thrive is what lead to me to Karen originally. But what I didn’t know is that I was actually searching for something totally different — freedom. Through the work with the Karen she helped me start to unlock that piece of myself and as a result I saw all areas of my life show improvements. My relationships were stronger, work didn’t feel as big of a burden, and I took more steps to connect with my passions.

Karen is challenging, genuine, educated, and her own experience in the real world makes her coaching unique, and better equipped to relate compared to going to other so called “life-coaches” or therapists. I would highly recommend Karen Love Lee for coaching. If you’re someone that is searching to unlock the freedom in your own life, then Karen is the coach for you. –Matt B., Client Relations Account Manager, Little Rock, AR.



Somehow Karen’s intuition is spot on, I don’t know how she does it, but she is always right on point.  

Karen practices what she preaches.  She doesn’t tell me anything that she wouldn’t do herself. 

It definitely makes me feel more grounded knowing that my spiritual coach is continually learning and growing. 

I know Karen always has my best interest at heart. She is always there to protect me even from myself.

Karen’s love for others is contagious. Her willingness to invest in others has truly changed my world.

She is the spiritual coach I have always dreamed of that transformed my way of thinking and trusting myself.

Karen has helped me believe in the impossible.” ~ Rachel C., Los Angeles, CA


THE DEPTH OF HER WORK FEELS SO EXCITING AND HER INTUITION IS SO HIGH…. “Speaking with Karen today got me back into Extreme Focus and reminded me of who I am and what I am doing here and how I can achieve the goals that I would like to achieve and the dreams that I am going after. She has a depth to her that I haven’t found in many people. When I speak with her and talk to her she goes right to who I am and right to the brilliance of everything that I have to offer.

I feel that she gets right to the core of the things that you need to work on. Her intuition is so high that she speaks the words that you want to say, but maybe are afraid to say about your own brilliance. The depth of her work feels so exciting, and the fact that she knows the cycles that we go through that prevent us from being our brilliant self.

I am so excited to go to the next level with Karen and feel this would be so beneficial for me. I encourage anyone who is driven and has dreams that are big to work with Karen!!! I want to thank Karen for today. It was such a joy to speak with you and spend this time talking to you. It was very magical and very grounding at the same time!!!!”

Respectfully, Rebecca Both ~ Amazing Artist, Actress, Film Maker

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“Karen is a top-flight podcast host. She cares so much about her listeners that she devoted an unusual amount of time to understand both my work and me deeply enough to be certain that interviewing me would be highly valuable for her listeners. During the show she brought our discussion to a far deeper level of understanding, and a far greater amount of transparent self-disclosure, than any of the other multiple hundred media interviews I’ve given. What a class act Karen is. Her rare level of devotion to serving her listeners is truly precious. Consider yourself blessed to have discovered her. I sure do.”  

~ Dr. David Gruder, PhD, DCEP | Integrity Culture Systems™ | www.DrGruder.com



CASE STUDY: Tom’s Testimonial After First Session with Karen Love Lee

I did not expect to get as much as I did out of it as I did today! I feel a huge weight has been lifted off of me….








Sita H. Testimonial “My business grew by 40%! Your story gave me permission to thrive…”

Kevin S. Testimonial “You have lightning in a bottle. I finally implemented & took massive action!”

Kevin’s Credibility Testimonial “I was so impressed.”

Josh’s Epiphany “I get what I deserve, or not.”

Jessica’s Radical Epiphany ‘Understanding Fear’

Jessica Raves “The Power of Live Coaching.”

Josh’s Radical Review “You meet us where we are. I can be coached by her!”

Marilyn’s “Poor relationship to money.” Before: Part 1

Marilyn’s “Rich relationship to money!” After: Part 2

David Pyke Testimonial“I recently met with Karen and I have to say – She reset me! My goals were not clear, my ambition was waning, but I knew there was more out there for me. She literally got rid of those parts of my thought process that was holding me back and reconnected me with that part of myself that is dynamic, bold and grateful to be alive! Now my life is anew – Got married with great step kids, moved to a new community where I have found success and living a life that was just a dream a short time ago. I feel younger, happier and healthier. You have a special gift. Thank you Karen for waking me up!”

David & Tracy Pyke

Laura B. Testimonial “After 37 years, I finally have a mother.”

Harmony’s Rave Review “I love your profound message & personality, ‘Own Your Magnificence!”

Tara W. Testimonial “After 28 years, I am a published writer.”

Dr. Prasad, MD. Testimonial, “Your influence made the difference”

Josh Burnett “You moved me from excuses to producing!”

James Pham Testimonial “Meant To Be!”

James Pham Testimonial “I got rid of the block…”

Jaclyn Foster Testimonial, “Biggest breakthroughs with you…”

Susan Mahoney Testimonial, “$3,000/Month salary increase”

Adam Tageldin Testimonial

James Pham Testimonial & Recommendation


I have been working with Karen Love Lee for over 2 months. I’m amazed at the results! My team has grown, our sales have more than doubled from our best month this year [prior to starting coaching], and in only the first half of this month [July] we have already tripled those sales. YOU ROCK!

Adam Tageldin, Salt Lake City, Utah

“Karen helped me let go of a lot of baggage from prior relationships and also to get out of my own way. The result: I met and married the love of my life after getting my head clear. Thanks Karen!”

Costa D. – Orlando, FL

Hi, Karen. I wanted to let you know that I met with friend lunch today and the work we did last night came into play as I was able to help her deal with some things that she has immediate need for. She thanked me for being so wise. It meant the world to me. Thank you again for your work and your time and know that your impact is certainly spreading into lives that you will never know.

Sheila Baker, Chicago, IL

“Karen LOVE Lee is just that….loving, nurturing, present, and clear. I was lucky enough to have my first session with Karen. I had no idea what to expect, but it turned into such a profound experience for me. Karen was able to help me link up some current issues that came straight from the 8 year old me. I was honestly shocked by the process. I am huge believer in understanding where things come from or where they started and love investigating that in myself. But to my huge surprise, we uncovered something I had clearly not uncovered yet. I am still excited by that and even more so, grateful for how it has helped me. The heat of the situation is just not there and so much has been able to move and shift since my session. Thank you so much, Karen, for your kindness and generosity. I look forward to working together again!”

Tracy Lorin, Los Angeles, CA

My session with Karen can only be described in one word, WOW!! As human beings our tendency is to treat the symptom, Ms. Lee has a unique ability to lead you to the cause. My mental roadblock could best be described as self sabotage. While I knew what was causing the “mental roadblock” It had literally become part of my identity.

Karen’s technology allowed me to understand that “the cause” was my brains interpretation of what happened as well as my brain’s way of compensating. It never occurred to me that my brain’s interpretation was not the only way to interpret what had happened. Transformation can come in many forms, enlightenment comes with knowledge and understanding. Time spent with Ms. Lee will put you on a path for both.

Michael Jacobs, CEO of Thank You Plan, LLC

Karen is a master facilitator at quickly finding the childhood roots of one’s current subconscious sabotaging beliefs and actions. She doesn’t stop there. Her heart centered coaching process destroys those roots and in their place plants new healthy roots so you can live in unstoppable authentic power.

I appreciate how loving you are in guiding us to reveal our own answers of understanding, which then frees us up to embrace our ability to be responsible for who we are and our actions.

Barbara Robins, healingisfun.com

Dan Wedel_4.12.2014 [1]

“Fifty years plus living in fear, guilt and shame continue to give way to who I am becoming today. Early this year, after losing basically everything, I now have turned this around completely. Because of Karen’s coaching, I was able to live powerfully through homelessness, joblessness, and tremendous losses.

As a result of Karen’s coaching, I was able to relocate to Houston, Texas and now have a job and money in the bank. After all that I have been through, coaching from Karen remains the catalyst that has brought me power beyond my wildest expectations. She is UNSTOPPABLE!”

Dan W. – Houston, TX

Susan Mahoney

When I first started my coaching with Karen Love Lee; My monthly retainer from my client was reduced from $10,000 per month to $2,000 per month. I was in the process of renting my home and was trying to negotiate with possible tenants.

After a couple of sessions with Karen Love Lee, I was able to negotiate my salary from $2,000 per month to $5,000 per month, find the perfect tenant for my house in LA, create the perfect scenario in Boise, Idaho. With Karen’s help, I found the perfect house in the perfect location of Boise to rent and for $5 less than my maximum goal!

With a few more sessions, I have been able to release my past and have total freedom around it. With complete and unconditional self forgiveness for everything I did or did not do; found freedom to authentically be self expressed about my thoughts, feelings, dreams and wishes; now able to accept self acknowledgement; created a relationship in Boise with a gentleman; and created success and abundance in my life! My life has completely transformed!

I have created a vision for my future! My goal and chief aim in life is contribution and generosity. I ultimately want to be a philanthropist making a difference in the world community! Thank you, Karen Love Lee!

Susan M. – Boise, ID

Karen, I really love you, you are the best – I just have to tell you this…” Why did I say this totally out of context in the midst of making my declaration statement of today? Because I had this little pause and I saw the space between my old me and my true me, and how far I have come in my work with Karen.

Is she a magic maker? Well, you are the one who does the transformation, she can’t do it for you. It takes your own commitment in every fiber of your body. Because your mind and your fears and your subconscious will fight you all along the way. I don’t think I could have done this any earlier than I did. I remember being annoyed at the statement “when the student is ready the teacher will appear”. I would say, “but I’m ready! Where is my mentor?”

Well, the truth is, I wasn’t ready. I wasn’t ready to face myself any earlier than I did. I knew I needed to, I wanted to, I did little partial things. But I didn’t have what it takes to go all the way. I did it only when I hit rock bottom and truly understood that my life depended on it. When it was a matter of transform or die. And that was when my teacher appeared… Thank you Karen!

Today, when I paused in he midst of my declaration statement and said, “Karen, I really love you, you are the best”, I did so, because in that moment of pause, I was able to get a glimpse from an outside observer perspective and I could see how far I’ve come since I started working with her. I am not the person I used to be. When I was taking that moment of pause I realized how much these declarations actually have changed who I am being in the world. It’s a gradual change, sometimes you notice it immediately and sometimes you don’t. Sometimes it feels like there is little change. Sometimes it hits you like an earthquake. But even the little, barely noticeable changes build up and create a foundation for a completely new self. A self that is based on what you know deep down, on a soul level, to be true, rather than based on believes and patterns you picked up along the way when you were a baby and a child, and reinforced and embellished as an adolescent and adult.

I think I have finally reached a spot, after six months of intense work, where I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. I sense glimpses of the new me being born. A new me that is beyond my wildest dreams!

Thank you Karen for coaching me on this journey. Without your leadership I would have been on this path regardless, as I had no choice, but the transformational work I’ve done in the past six months could have easily taken me six years… And frankly, who wants to spend another six years on the dark side?

L.B. – Santa Monica, CA

Until I met Karen Lee, I felt my life was on a downward spiral and didn’t know how to make it stop. I knew I needed to make some changes in my life but something was holding me back.

Karen’s techniques help retrain the brain to get out all baggage by tapping into your childhood memories that are stored in the subconscious. Karen has opened my eyes and my heart to the fact that these are just feelings and they don’t define me and that I must be 100% responsible for myself. Knowing this has allowed me to feel a sense of freedom. The feeling of being on a downward spiral is being replaced with the future holding new and exciting opportunities.

Cathy G. – Long Beach, CA

Dear Karen,

How do I appreciate your coaching? Let me count the ways:

I have negotiated a renewed relationship with my husband of almost 49 years.

I am empowered to share my feelings and concerns with him.

I have a deeper understanding and appreciation for my husband and for myself.

I am learning to hold myself and others responsible and accountable.

I am learning to love myself unconditionally.

I am learning to recognize, accept and disappear my dominant, negative patterns.

AND I have lost 15 pounds without dieting.

Thank you for digging for oil and bearing with my resistance.

Marilyn B. – Walnut, CA