Dan Wedel Testimonial: From Homeless to Fearless to Success!

Dan WedelI am retirement age. In December 2011, I lost my home, almost all my belongings, and even slept in my old Saturn for a couple of weeks, because it was the only option I could see. Financially ruined and unemployed, I moved back to Texas with a little cash from sale of my belongings. Fortunately, I had become a life coaching client of Karen’s shortly before I became homeless.

Thanks to Karen, I was working full time and more within 10 days after getting back to my hometown! That job lasted 18 months, and I am so grateful. But I was unemployed again, which I self-sabotaged, and wasn’t getting any good offers in my job search for awhile. I was afraid of losing it all AGAIN, perhaps even more disastrously.


F.E.A.R.Karen helped me to identify the source of my fear, and when and how it began in childhood. My fear was that I would become so destitute that I would have no option, but to become a beggar. With no credit, home, money, it looked like death was far preferable. That was terrifying to me! And, it felt so real!

Karen stuck with me in coaching, and her tactic as my coach was brilliant! During the last year or so, I have gotten many, many jobs of different types!

Dan Wedel Testimonial

I took them all on as my conscious, best self! Some I was fired from, some I quit, some weren’t viable opportunities, some lasted awhile. With ongoing, regular coaching during this time, I was unstoppable! I am SO grateful for this experience, and my current job! It was invaluable in setting me free from my fear, and developing my courage and self-confidence.

I no longer have my brain automatically kick into those self-limiting

beliefs. My freedom and power is drastically enhanced, and my life is no longer limited by these false childhood beliefs. Thank you, Karen!!

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