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Donations to Karen Love Lee’s #EmpowermentThroughDance program provide The Teen Project women who are sex trafficked/sexually abused with a brand new “Sense of SELF,” transforming victimhood into self-loving livelihood. This is facilitated by building self-confidence and esteem through the full expression of objective based dance routines while integrating empowering communication skills, respect, integrity, responsibility, accountability, compassion, empathy, patience, forgiveness, playfulness, fun, laughter, unconditional love, purpose and promise.

Your generous donations give young women their Dream Come True to love, honor & heal their inner-child and adult-SELF through dance!


This one time donation gives The Teen Project Dance Team an experience of a lifetime ~ scheduled rehearsals, costumes, accessories, hair, makeup, travel transportation and Empowerment Coaching to perform like professional dancers to raise awareness and donations in support of TheTeenProject.com