Are You Ready to Transform Yourself and Your Life to New Unrecognizable Levels Beyond What You Ever Imagined?

Thank you for your interest in the New Empowerment Model Self-Acceleration Application Process.


I am committed to helping you cut the learning and implementation curve by 20-30 years, so let me start now! My Proven Transformational Program is for the most dedicatedly conscious entrepreneurs who seek and desire their ultimate life and Powerful Sense-of-Self.

I Coach, Train, Advise and Mentor those who are unstoppably committed to winning the “Olympics of Life.”

My Evolutionary Empowerment Programs are for SERIOUS people ONLY.


  • If you have battled with lifelong self-confidence and self-esteem issues, yet have historically been a high or over achiever; perfectionist or action oriented individual.
  • If you are at a turning point in your life or cross roads due to a critical loss or life altering experience, and have tried everything else, or don’t want to waste any more time and energy without radical results.
  • If you have lost your youthful hunger, spark and enthusiasm for life; or any area in the realm of love, family, relationships, health/fitness, career, or purpose.
  • If you desire the purest and truest “Sense of Self,” and want to radiate authentic confidence without being at the mercy of your feelings, thoughts, and circumstances.
  • If you want to own your extraordinary and unique inner greatness.
  • If you believe in becoming a Dream-Magnet and attracting relationships, resources, and prosperity with clear and focused intention of your mind and heart.
  • If you want a brand new paradigm shift, and want taking action toward your desires to become effortless.
  • If you want to Command Your Ultimate Life on Your Terms.

My Divine Purpose is to help as many people in the world as possible, who believe that there is more to life than what meets the eye….That there is deeper meaning to life and we all are here to fulfill upon a purpose of contribution.¬† And so, if leaving this planet more empowered rings true in your heart, then go for it ~ NOW!

This program is NOT for:

  • Those who use lack of Money and Time as their biggest excuses, along with any other excuse, as reasons for not going for their ultimate wishes and goals.
  • Those who are perpetual informational learners and not willing to take bold actions that produce massive results.
  • Those who historically have been stopped by the “Paralysis of Analysis.”
  • Those who are afraid to take calculated risks, which is the only way to get a brand new favorable outcome.
  • Those who don’t believe that they are the source of their life, whether it’s working or not working. If your life isn’t going the way you want it to, the only common denominator is you!
  • Those who are not willing to be RESPONSIBLE for their brilliance or lack thereof; and not willing to take responsibility for both the successes and the failures.
  • Those who blame someone or something else when things go wrong or don’t work out in a positive fashion; those who cast fault outside and/or on themselves.
  • Those who are not relentlessly motivated to get out of their current “Comfort Zone” because they are afraid to “Rock the Boat,” and hold themselves and others accountable, which appears as confrontation.
  • Those who are not ready to fall madly passionately in love with themselves, others and money.
  • Those who aren’t open to learning how to communicate in a NEW, POWERFUL and INTIMATE way, so that they are actually heard and understood ~ whereby the impossible relationship(s) become profoundly deeper and connective.
  • Those who do not believe that they can have their ultimate Dream-filled life and have it all!
  • Those who are not willing to train, from the inside out, to WIN the Game of Life!



Look, if you want to play it safe and mask the hidden deep-rooted cause of dissatisfactory lateral results with information-based tips and tools, you will survive until death. Sure, it’s the most popular advice that most entrepreneurs think is their “next” big answer.

But, for the majority who have tried to implement these methods, hoping to catapult their success beyond recognition—they will tell you that it’s daunting to efficiently achieve their goals let alone sustain them for the rest of their lives.

What’s worse is that you can never see what is actually prolonging or stopping you from what you set out to accomplish. However, anyone who wants to build a stellar life knows the importance of using a coaching model that instills sustainable empowerment, accelerates effortless action, and produces astronomical results.

Yes, it’s more expensive to work with me because I will be teaching you what 95% of the world’s population doesn’t know; nor has any access to; and has no conceivable idea that they don’t know this life-altering methodology. You are learning frontline evolutionary techniques to command your ultimate life.

Your investment is exceedingly worth it because you will not only experience, but embody a brand new paradigm giving you the ability to manifest from clear intentional focus; exude powerful confidence; and generate extraordinary health, relationships, lifestyle and purpose.

The #1 reason why my methodology exceeds all others is because first and foremost, “I Practice What I Preach.” I was my own worst-best case study! I was suicidal most of my life, and technically shouldn’t be alive today. I teach the very things that transformed my life from Suicide to Success, after figuring out the only formula that made the difference from all others — backed by proof.


I am not selling you anything, nor asking you to OPT-In to anything.

I don’t believe in selling or being “SOLD.” I only believe in “Attracting,” and choosing to “INVEST,” because I believe in the VALUE”!

Your information is held in the highest confidence, and absolutely confidential. This application will be used to see if we are a “Mentoring Match.” If we are not, I will let you know immediately with the utmost respect and well wishes.


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