As a professional Life Coach & Spiritual Healer, specializing in the power of the SUBCONSCIOUS & UNCONSCIOUS MIND, based in Los Angeles, CA, my expertise is clearing you to become a magnet for your DREAMS. My #SecretWeapon is getting to the root of what stops or blocks you from achieving your greatest passions, achievements and desires.

I facilitate the extraction of your disempowering beliefs that are actually hidden from your conscious view. Once we get rid of these negative, limiting pacts and agreements, this frees you up to go for the LIFE you DREAM of and gives you the POWER to “Make Your DREAMS Your REALITY!! You are no longer at the effect of life’s challenges and obstacles and you profoundly strengthen your ability to navigate through life regardless of your circumstances.

With your new found CLARITY, CONFIDENCE and EMPOWERMENT, you become a POWERFUL MAGNET for your DREAMS based on the “Law of Attraction,” which primarily responds to our subconscious “programming”, not our conscious thoughts and beliefs.

My Coaching Methods

My coaching methods and techniques are based on my own life’s healing and transformation, in which I created a Proven Coaching System to get rid of the “viruses running in the software” of your brain. I’m the “Antivirus Program” for your life!!

I suffered from low grade depression my entire life, and attempted suicide in 2008, due to personal tragedies that were just the catalyst to a life time of self-hatred and self-loathing. After distinguishing and deleting my own viruses, I have now dedicated my life to sharing my gifts and experiences to help EMPOWER and INSPIRE as many people in the world as possible.

You Can Reach Your Dreams!

My expertise is getting to the root of what stops or blocks you from achieving your greatest passions, achievements, and desires. If you’d like to connect with me, send me an email!

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