WEALTH is a Byproduct of Our Subconscious Beliefs!

Embracing SELFThe more I’ve invested into understanding mySELF as a human being and how I tick, the more radical the returns, not only with money, but in EVERY area of my life! All the financial, mental and emotional “debt” I have experienced have been gigantic opportunities for not only heightened levels of wisdom, but catalysts for massive PROFITS!

Everything outside of ourselves, i.e. money (or the lack thereof), is merely a physical manifestation of our predominant SUBCONSCIOUS beliefs.


Wellness + Health = WEALTH is all sourced from within…..BE wealthy inside = being wealthy on the outside!  My definition of Wealth = Self-Worth + Mind-Body-Soul + Relationships + Health + Romance + Prosperity!!!!!!!!  In short, having it all, and radiating love, vibrancy and aliveness.

My client Marilyn’s ingrained beliefs about money, and most importantly about HERSELF have been “Poor.”  Early on in childhood she not only learned, but drew conclusions based on her imagination that “I am not enough, therefore, I will never have enough.”

Well, no mystery here!  She has built her life on this foundation, and her WQ, “Wealth-Quotient” has been extremely low, in turn reflecting her low self-confidence; poor self-image; and dissatisfaction in EVERY area of her life.  Bottom line, is that she has lived her life in mere “Survival” of just existing and working to pay her bills.

The worst part is that because of her default subconscious beliefs, she has been running on “Auto-Pilot,” the unconscious phenomenon of continuing to relive in what is most familiar, and perceived as safe or comfortable.  Unfortunately, this is a wicked trap, and she had no way of getting out of this vicious cycle.

Thanks to Marilyn’s quest for answers, and higher levels of consciousness, I was able to facilitate in her profound understanding of what, how and why she has been “Repeating History” throughout her entire life with no way out.  The biggest wake up call for her was the very thing she did not want to face, and has resisted for over seventy years.

This wake up call is what I refer to as, “Reality Check.”

I logically educated Marilyn on how and why the human brain computes information, and is the source of our thoughts, emotions, and actions (in this order!).  I then presented all the hard core evidence working against her inner “Own Worst Enemy” that obliterated her imagined self-sabotaging belief system.

In other words, I got her to logically comprehend that the way she has been conducting her life, based on self-deprecating beliefs was a blatant lie backed up by all the proof of her reality.  Once she understood this, she experienced profound clarity and freedom, which allowed her to make her most powerful investment to date….into herSELF!

The very thing she had been resisting was the very thing she had to FACE, and better yet, EMBRACE….her Sense-of-Self, her FEARS, and her extraordinary GREATNESS.

Watch Marilyn’s Before Testimonial:

Watch Marilyn’s After Testimonial:

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