Living PASSIONately means feeling both “Giddy AND Nervous”!

TranforMAGIC ~ The Show

TransforMAGIC ~ My One Woman Live Show!!!!! Yikes, how frightening and radically ELECTRIFYING!!!! This is when we know we’re living from PASSION. But, this has NOT been an easy process! Check out the definition, “passion: 1. any powerful or compelling emotion or feeling, as love or hate.” Being passionate about something goes both ways! When it comes to pursuing what we’re most passionate about, we’ll feel a weirdly strong combination of excitement-fear!

Most people block out passion by trying to block out their feelings! Our brain is devious and tricks us into hiding from our emotions for survival purposes. We are more apt to skirt danger the less emotions are involved. This is just a subconscious false sense of control and, worse — disconnects us from our Heart, Body & Soul.

My entire life I ran from my feelings because I was trying to avoid feeling pain.  The pain of unworthiness and feeling unloved, which all stems form early childhood! I had no idea I was doing this because it was totally unconscious to me. To make matters worse, the bad feelings over-shadowed and good ones!  Because of this, I was led into doing things that I wasn’t truly passionate about. Until, I finally woke up, and figured it out!

As I’ve been gearing up for my show, my subconscious fears have been reactivated from childhood, which is how our brain keeps us in our “Familiar Zone.” Here’s how this happens—I’ve been afraid to take risks to avoid F-ing it up, and feeling bad about myself—exactly like I did when I was 11 years old and couldn’t get my horse over the jump in my first jumping competition.  I was so humiliated, ashamed and quit, which broke my heart. Horses and riding were my life!

The biggest risk is not taking one!What ends up really happening is that I’m unconsciously trying to avoid the fear of feeling broken-hearted, yet all along my heart is actually silently breaking. Uuhgg ~ this is maddening!!

The wake-up call finally comes when I can no longer ignore the pain of denying my heart, which far exceeds the pain of taking the necessary risks of living from it!!!!!!!!!!

We know we are PASSIONATE about something when we feel a sense of exhilaration AND nervousness. Excitement AND resistance. Giddiness AND reasoning—trying to deflect or avoid! Look for the signs!

We know we’re doing this when we start making, what I call, “Almost Justifiable Excuses,” i.e. not enough time or money. Or “I have bills to pay; I have to wait until….,” etc. How do I know—because I caught myself doing this, and couldn’t even see it!

Don’t get me wrong, bills are a fact of life, but I get depressed and stressed out when I’m living to survive and pay bills! Point blank, this kills my spirit, and nothing good shows up in this energy! This actually cuts off the FLOW, my acronym for “Freedom-Love-Opportunity-Wisdom,” which creates more money! The happier we are within ourselves the more abundance and prosperity we magnetize towards us. Hence, the saying, “Do what you love and the money will come.” This has been historically true for me ~ the proof doesn’t lie!!!!!

Reality check! If I look backwards at my life, I am represenced to the fact that every single time I just did what I loved and wanted to do, I actually made lots of money because my passions have became my careers! People wanted what I had to offer because I became really good at it!  NOTE: When we are driven by PASSION, and NOT money, we end up manifesting more money with zero to little worry!

This is HOW I know that I’m not living from my heart, and focusing on the wrong things….

KLL_DepressionI start to feel dissatisfied, unhappy, fatigued, BORED, UNinspired and UNmotivated! I feel heavy energy, a sense of “what’s the point?” I procrastinate. I am easily irritated and frustrated. I feel edgy, and then I try to go numb. Not to mention, but have to—I get crazy distracted, which then escalates into extreme overwhelm, and I sucked into a wicked vortex!

All these feeling are complete opposite of PASSIONATE, and kill off our “Burning DESIRE”!

Oh well-What ifs

The remedy is to BE and do opposite, so now I ONLY do what invigorates me AND scares me. I listen to my heart, and must take the time to hear it…If I feel any resistance to something or someone, then I know this is a sign to embrace and move toward it with an open mind, and trust this is a NEW opportunity for greater wisdom.

The only way to fail is by NOT trying, and be willing to face our fears!

By the way, this is the ONLY way to stimulate and grow our brain capacity—by living outside our familiar comfort zone. Alzheimer’s Disease is caused by understimulated brain activity. I believe that settling and mediocrity are direct results of an understimulated brain! And the human brain has infinitely unfathomable abilities, which are there for the taking!!!!!


This said, I’m not worried about Alzheimer’s as much as living a life of mediocrity and feeling like I’m settling by not going for my DREAMS! Even if I never achieve all of them, at least I will NOT have any regrets.

#NoRegrets #NothingToLose #LiveYourDreams

KLL_Die_No Regrets

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