How to turn setbacks into OPPORTUNITIES of EmPOWERment

Problem-OpportunityEver feel like you are moving two steps forward, but four steps back lately? You keep forging ahead, yet nothing seems to be happening in any grand or significant way? Then, it gets harder to stay optimistic and motivated? You aren’t able to see the light at the end of the tunnel, especially when you’re feel like you have nothing to show for it?!

This is because you are focusing on the results rather than the journey.  You’re in expectation mode. Fixated only on the results, or better stated, “the lack thereof.” The rub is that this isn’t blatantly conscious, but subconscious. In other words it doesn’t show up in such an obvious way. It is more of a slow down-grading process of procrastination, distraction, frustration, overwhelm, excuses; “The Paralysis of Analysis.” Or anxiety, mania, forcefulness, over control, addictive/obsessive behavior, etc.

Any which way, we are at a standstill. If you keep moving, nothing is going to come of it, so why bother? Yet, not pushing forward makes you feel worse, but there’s nothing rewarding to look forward to. Hence, you are caught in a trap going nowhere!

What to do?

Right_ToolsFirst, recognize that you are in this cycle, and there is nothing wrong with YOU or the situation at hand. TRUST that this is all part of the growing process, and accept it’s inevitability. All adversity is our greatest eye-opener to learn and become more enlightened and powerful…

DISCLAIMER: But, you MUST consciously choose to embrace every set-back as a phenomenal OPPORTUNITY to gain PROFOUND wisdom. If you don’t, then resistance will perpetuate and prevail. Hence the truism, “What we resist, persists.”


Second, accept that the only way to endure and persevere is to face it head-on and work through it without any, and I mean ANY judgement or criticism toward yourself and/or anyone or thing else!!!!!!!!! NO blame or fault, either! Let it all go or it will only prolong the agony!

Third, take ownership of the standstill by being responsible as the SOURCE of what has happened or is occurring because this gives you all the power to transform the situation to your advantage with a clear view. The key here is to NOT take anything personally. Again, there’s nothing wrong with YOU! Life is simply made up of a series of ups and downs; ebb and flow; challenges and rewards; “War and Peace.”


Setbacks are just reset buttons for life.  There is no such thing as being a failure, unless you think you are one! Failure is subjective. Our beliefs are just mere opinions and come down to context and perceptions.

Forth, reframe your perspective and look for all of the lessons learned. Hyper-Focus on what is favorably working— NOT on what isn’t! For this will keep you in a downward cycle of self-sabotage and self-victimization.

Fifth, weigh the cons of your resignation and pessimism verses the pros of changing your mindset to optimism and welcoming a “Wake-Up Call.” Ask yourself,”Is it worth it to live in negativity and stress verses ‘Oh well, there are no such things as mistakes when I learn from them’? Because either way you’ll die one day, so here’s your OPPORTUNITY to #ChooseYourDestiny.

Sixth, acknowledge and commend yourself for taking the higher road! Be thankful that you had the consciousness to get out of your resistance and not waste anymore of life’s precious time. In your newfound clarity, you will actually become aware of the results that you have been producing, but weren’t able to see them as such, because you were blinded by despair.


Seventh, keep going! #NeverQuit! Get on with it because this was only a temporary roadblock followed by temporary disempowering feelings that will actually dissipate by simply facing and feeling them! As human beings we somehow think our feelings will never go away if we allow them to emerge, and may even kill us.  This is because our subconscious mind doesn’t know the difference between our feelings and our objective reality. This is a fight or flight survival mechanism that we have to consciously override. Allow yourself to #FeelYourFeelings with no judgement, and watch them wash away leaving a new sense of relief and clarity. Don’t knock it, until you try it!

Eighth, reframe your outlook for the better. Look for the blessings and the good! Choose to see and appreciate what you do have, NOT what you don’t. If you view your life as being half empty verses half full, you will only be feeding into a life of futility and mediocrity. Remember, it can always be way worse?!! #BeGrateful for what could have happened, but didn’t!

Reverently, OWN that you deserve to #BeHappy and live a SPECTACULAR life! This is your BIRTH-RIGHT!!!!!!


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