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Evolve Your Money Relationship with David Gruder, PhD [Part 1-3]

When it’s time to grow and level up, seek experts, specialists & professionals who know first-hand by facing, enduring and persevering through their own humbling experiences of failure; who persistently self-reflect, risk, reinvent, restructure and execute; and are willing to be #RealRawRelatable in the name of EMPOWERING YOU!

My special guest, Dr. David, who refers to himself as a “Recovering psychologist,” which is what sealed the deal to collaborate on a phenomenal podcast series simply because I resonated to his #WordsOfWisdom! This followed hearing his brilliant sound bite, “We live our lives at the level of our wounds, not our wishes.” POW ~ right to my gut! I intuitively felt that I must connect with him, not only for his spot-on messaging, but most impactfully, his beingness….In short, I dig his vibe!!!!!

I am honored to associate with extraordinary people, but when an “11-Award Winning Multidisciplinary Psychologist & Best-Selling Author; Business Consultant, specializing in Leader Effectiveness, Enterprise Success, and Culture Architecture & International Speaker/Trainer,” is candidly transparent and humble—willing to be an “Open Book,” I’m more enthralled than ever!

Refreshing authenticity, like Dr. David’s, yet atypical in the realm of psychotherapy, is what has made THE difference along my own journey of #SelfEVOLution. And, the very thing that was missing from all of mine, and my clients’ numerous therapists, counselors & mentors. Most notably, just like myself, “The Grudes” is beyond being outside the box — he rolls without any box!

I am a descendant of Chinese royalty, and genius academic Master Degrees/PhD’s; Radcliffe, Harvard, Cornell, Princeton, Oxford — yadda-yadda, yawn!! Though, what was gravely missing was the ability to feel interrelated, connected and understood…

“Yet, despite his breadth of experience, accolades and requests, you won’t find a speaker, trainer, or trusted advisor who is more joyful, approachable, humble, collaborative, and teachable, than Dr. Gruder.” ~ www.DrGruder.com/about

My whole “Schtick” is transforming and transcending the UNconscious childhood wounds that ultimately stop us from sustaining our fullest-purest potential…The only thing that saved and catapulted my life! So, when I heard David say, “Wounds,” I immediately knew, “This is the guy!” Ironically, when asked what podcast topic he’d like to delve into, he blurts out, “Money Shadow Freedom,” illuminating misconceptions in shadow, giving way to understanding how “Wealth Creates Money,” NOT the other way around.

Ta-dah! A topic after my own heart, and exactly what I have been hyper-focusing on in my immediate life for the past several months. Ladies and gentlemen, “Ask, and thou shall receive!” And, “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.” The mysteriously astounding subconscious phenomenon is that consciously, this was not even remotely on my radar.

BAM! This is the LAW OF ATTRACTION at its best!!!! Buckle up, and let’s ride this confronting, yet exhilarating roller-coaster, EVOLVE YOUR MONEY RELATIONSHIP.

“There isn’t anything more exquisitely divine than our primary Relationship-to-SELF, in which all other RELATIONSHIPS are based.” ~ Karen Love Lee, #SelfLoveSpecialist

BONUS: David shares his Success Secret Formula ~ Download and listen NOW!

Part 1-3: Money Shadow Freedom

Money Myth-Busting — Waking Up From the Money Spell:

  • Cultural Money Polarization (Wealth versus Integrity)
  • Faulty definitions of money and capitalism.
  • False conceptions about what causes greed.
  • The myth that money is anti-spiritual.

Dr. David Gruder, PhD, DCEP | Integrity Culture Systems™ | www.DrGruder.com

“Award-winning psychologist who has provided keynotes & training programs on 3 continents in 8 countries for 40+ years. Trailblazer in integrated self-development, integrity restoration, leader effectiveness, business success, culture architecture, and ethical ways to market, sell, & embody personal power.”

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