#EvolveYourMoneyRelationship with David Gruder, PhD [Part 2-3]

Our relationship to money is now starting to heat up! Why? Because the more we delve into our relationship to our SELF, and the truest “Crystal Ball,” our Inner-Child, the more telling our relationship to “Money,” or lack thereof.

We can only connect dots of wisdom looking backwards. Therefore, making these profound connections to our scorned childhood experiences, which lurk “In Shadow,” shall set us free. #SelfFreedom

As I encourage Dr. David to share on the deepest level, as holding back on my show is prohibited ~ lol! He brings on the woo-woo! As far as I’m concerned the woo-ier the better!! This, by far, is the bulk of my own “Wealth,” referring to David’s eye-opening tagline, “Wealth Creates Money.”

David shares his near death experience at age 3 that paved the way to his own lack of wealth rearing it’s ugly head decades later, simply because of what was hidden in his shadows…. Uncanny yet inspiriting, I recall similar supernatural experiences that informed my own self-sabotaging patterns, which fed right into our like-ways—as David eloquently professes to being an “Addicted giver and phobic receiver.”

“Yikes, I’m not liking what I see in the mirror! However, the only reason to keep looking heartily into the Mirror-of-SELF is because auspiciously, the virtue that emerges is breath-taking.”

~ #KarenLoveLee, #SelfLoveSpecialist

Part 2-3: Money Shadow Freedom

Money Shadow Programming — Getting Free:

  • Reversed Sourcing
  • Entitlement Scripts
  • Money Risks
  • Spiritual Reciprocity Blocking

BONUS: Dr. David brilliantly enlightens us with, “The Law of Reciprocity is more powerful than the ‘Law of Attraction.'”

Dr. David Gruder, PhD, DCEP | Integrity Culture Systems™ | www.DrGruder.com

11-award-winning multidisciplinary psychologist who has provided keynotes & training programs on 3 continents in 8 countries for 40+ years. Trailblazer in integrated self-development, integrity restoration, leader effectiveness, business success, culture architecture, and ethical ways to market, sell, & embody personal power.


“Karen is a top-flight podcast host. She cares so much about her listeners that she devoted an unusual amount of time to understand both my work and me deeply enough to be certain that interviewing me would be highly valuable for her listeners. During the show she brought our discussion to a far deeper level of understanding, and a far greater amount of transparent self-disclosure, than any of the other multiple hundred media interviews I’ve given. What a class act Karen is. Her rare level of devotion to serving her listeners is truly precious. Consider yourself blessed to have discovered her. I sure do.”

~ Dr. David Gruder, PhD, “America’s Integrity Expert”

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