DREAM Manifestation Formula….

I am so not a dog person ~ I’m a horse person! But every since my rescued rabbit, Rock Star (Rocky) passed away, I have felt a little missing in my heart. I thought about getting another bunny, but it would have only been a replacement for Rocky. Then, I wondered if I could be responsible enough to care of a dog day in and day out—I can barely take care of myself! I’m not domestic at all, and am crazily focused on fulfilling my PURPOSE in life….

So, I just let it go, and every now and then I’d think I’d like another animal, yes—a baby miniature horse…”but they cost more than regular size horses and not in my budget right now, as I’m about to launch new coaching products, so I let it go again. Maybe a dog for my ranch care-taker, and he can be fully responsible for it, so I just casually started asking around for a German Shepard that needed a good home….and let that go…..

Then, my horses need their feet trimmed and I decided to try a new farrier. After finally coordinating our hectic schedules, he came over and just as he was finishing up, he asked me if I knew anyone who’s looking for a Chihuahua puppy? He went on about how cute, little and sweet she is, but he couldn’t keep her because he has too many dogs already. I thought about it, and asked to see her, so is wife brought her right over. She was so adorable, yet in my mind I hesitated, but couldn’t resist. A friend of mine was visiting, and said that although she doesn’t need any more dogs, she’d take her, if I decided that it was too much for me—so, I had a safely net!

Having never owned a dog, I was a bit reluctant because this puppy wasn’t potty trained, and I have never trained a dog, just a horse—but, way different. My mind was saying that I was in over my head, but my HEART was falling for this delicately precious “purse” puppy that came in black to match my hair! My friend and I immediately headed to the pet store to buy her what she needed, and as I sat in the car, this little Angel rested her head on my arm and slept (see photo gallery)…needless to say, the rest is history.

But, the UNIVERSE always has our back when it comes to supporting our HEART’s desires. My biggest fear was house training her, but while looking at puppy pads, a woman just happened to offer this helpful hint, “take her out 10 minutes after she eats or drinks,” which stuck in my mind more than any of the other information she generously offered. Well, going with my intuition, which never lies, I did this, and I trained this cutie-pie in a day! Another, wonderful thing was that she didn’t have a name, so I chose, “Shia Chen” (Shya for short) after the greatest LOVE of my life, my paternal Grandmother. I’ve have been wanting to use this name for years, but it never felt right until now……

Shya has captured my HEART, and thought to myself, how did this happen ~ yet, again? It’s always safer to stay in denial, as opposed to taking full RESPONSIBILITY forEVERYTHING we create or don’t create in our life???!!!!! Well, in retrospect I asked for her, and based on the “Law of Attraction” I attracted her from a mere thought, but most importantly what truly seals the deal are the feelings associated with our thoughts. It’s difficult to see blatantly, but my heart wanted to feel the same feelings I had with Rocky—MISSION accomplished! So, I can only look to myself as the SOURCE!

Manifestation Formula:

LOVE and BELIEVE in your-SELF.
TRUST the universe has your back.
Be aware of your thoughts.
Check into your feelings and see if they are aligned.
If not, let it go…if you are not able to let it go, then you are attached, which is a repellant!
You must be willing to let go completely!
If you are not able to, then you must get rid of the root of the attachment, which ultimately leads to disappointment.
In other words, if you can “take it or leave it” then you are not attached.
Stand committed to your desire, and KNOW it will manifest!
Let go, listen to your HEART, and just live your life as usual.
Take full responsibility for being the SOURCE, do not blame circumstances or make excuses.
Be RECEPTIVE and ACCEPT the MIRACLES as you magnetize them….
Represence GRATITUDE consciously.

“If it’s not happening it’s YOU, if it is happening, it’s YOU!”

Love, blessings and DREAMS come true eternally,


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