Break Free of Your Excuses & Reasons By Understanding The Cause

In order to get what you desire most in life, you must be willing to wish for it no matter what! This means that you you can’t let excuses and reasons get in your way. You can’t allow that pesky voice in your head to start babbling away in an attempt to justify why you can’t or shouldn’t want or have it! Read on—learn what’s underneath your disabling excuses and reasons, so you can #BreakFree of them!

Break Free From Your Excuses

Excuses, reasons and justification are all symptoms of deeper issues all based on fear. The quickest-best example is the number one excuse for not going for what we dream of in life is “Money.” It’s never about the money, it’s the really the fear of not having enough money for necessities, if we spend too much money on non-necessities. Once we logically understand how the brain computes “F.E.A.R. (False Evidence Appearing Real)”, we actually can gain power around it, so that our justifiable reasons become irrelevant. Imagine living a life with #NoMoreExcuses!

The only way to ever get exactly what you want is to #StandYourGround, while staying steady the course. I know, easier said than done, and I am going to tell you the real reasons why….There is a direct correlation between how bad we really want something to the amount of fear that gets triggered in our subconscious mind, which then tries to stop us. Why? Because by default the human brain is built for mere survival, meaning by primitive design, the amygdala, an almond shaped mass at the base of the brain is responsible for fear sensory. When triggered, it sends out a “Fight or Flight” response, to keep us from dying.

Unfortunately, this rapid response system doesn’t know the difference between the feeling of fear from sky diving verses the feeling of fear from the threat of death. There is only one “Fear” mode setting, so when it comes to accomplishing a passionate DREAM or goal, the “Fight or Flight” survival mechanism will kick in, resulting in self-sabotage.

Break Free From the Chain of Excuses

Take my client, Savannah for example, we just worked on her raising her health product and coaching rates, and she felt confident to start charging more. Then, her very next client prospect call came in and she buckled. Without any conscious awareness, fear set in, which is exactly how the brain functions just in case of impending doom. Remember, it doesn’t know the difference until after the fact, and we have the ability to discern the situation.

Catching the fear is virtually impossible because the fear trigger fires at 1/500th of a second before we have any conscious awareness of it. Hence, the symptoms take precedence. Thus, showing up as justifiable reasoning, just as in Savannah’s case. She was full of excuses and reasons as to why she wasn’t able to command her new rates.

As she put it, “I didn’t want the higher prices to scare her away; she was referred by a friend, whom I did not want to disappoint; she didn’t seem that interested in improving her health, so I wanted to give her a price she couldn’t refuse; her attitude was ‘take it or leave it,’ and I didn’t want to take a chance losing a sale…” To Savannah, these all seemed like justifiable concerns. Yet, Savannah has wanted to raise her rates for over a year and attract higher end clients. Uhmm, interesting….

Savannah was subconsciously triggered into fear of rejection and losing the sale. So, in order to counteract her fear, she <em>unconsciously</em>, as if on auto-pilot, reverted into her old sales pitch with her lower pricing because it was habitual. More importantly, she associated this with closing many sales at the lower pricing, so she subconsciously stayed in her comfort zone, which I call, “Self-Fulfilling Prophecy Wheel.”

When Savannah shared this experience in our next session, she was deflated and self-condemning. She felt bad about herself stating, “I chickened out,” for not being able to ask for her new rates. Until this phenomenon is fully understood, which is what I explained to Savannah, was she then able to comprehend what happened, and why. She also obtained a brand new conscious awareness that would enable her to avoid “Repeating History,” while sabotaging her success.

The next step was to help Savannah reframe her perspective of being able to take the risk of asking for higher fees. She finally understood that she must be willing to lose the sale in order to maintain her belief in herself, her products, years of experience and her expertise. As I instilled that her closing ratio is a direct correlation to her self-confidence, she began to see that she had the power to attract her ideal clients who are willing to invest in her services. And, the ones who don’t aren’t in alignment with what she is most passionate about and what she stands for.

After her session, Savannah was able to break free of her illogical reasoning, and dismiss it—not only was it stopping her from moving her business to the next level, but it was under-minding the very goal she was trying to achieve! She also became represenced to her inner value, and the value she provides for others because of her dedication to holistic health, and how she can help so many others. This speaks volumes and not only attracts her preferred customers, but raises her profits, which is always secondary to providing her services.

You deserve Lifelong Sustainable Empowerment, and a DREAM life #FreeOfExcuses!

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