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Exposing My Self-Hatred, saved my life.

By the end of 2008, I was done. The wicked darkness that consumed my soul fed the bottomless pit of emptiness that I’d felt my entire life. The only way to stop the bleeding of wretched blackness was to kill myself.

I was born depressed, which went undiagnosed by every counselor and  therapist I desperately sought help from.

“Untreated depression is the number one cause of suicide.” — Suicide.org

From a very young age, I knew death was inevitable, so why bother suffering through life until then? Futility and hopelessness were my co-conspirators, faithfully accompanying me throughout my journey of pointlessness….

With the “Death Card” in my little-girl hip pocket, suicidal tendencies were unconsciously fated. We can’t prevent what we cannot see….Decades later, unknowingly this would become my #BestKeptSecret to healing, happiness, and best of all #SelfLove!

Uncovering the root cause of our hidden disempowering belief systems, is the pinnacle source of #LifelongSelfFreedom. We cannot heal what we don’t know is broken.


”Failure is my fiercest friend.” Epically failing my suicide attempt in December of 2008 has proven to be my zenith of existence.

I had a history of wanting to die many times during my life, but this time was different—I made my last and final decision. Dying by suicide was my only way out of my torturous emotional imprisonment. In retrospect, I thought by killing myself, I could stop my inner-torment, and mysteriously set my soul free.

I was dead wrong!

In reality, I was just trying to murder the vitriolic savage, that was my subconscious mind, playing treacherous tricks on me— which I was destined to figure out, transforming my “Game of Treachery” into my “Divine Journey of Self-Triumph.”


All hope was lost, until a friend saw in me what I couldn’t see in myself. At the end of the evening of hosting what was to be my last charity event, Ramin took me aside, concerned with the look of deadness in my eyes, “Look what you’ve done here! Imagine if you had created this event coming from your fullest potential?” Apathetically staring at the ground, barely listening, desperately wanting to be left alone, he continued, “Karen, I may not want to contribute to the world like you want to contribute to the world, but I want to contribute to you.” This spark of hope lead to choosing to LIVE.



After years of analysis, I finally figured out why this profound statement saved my life. It inconspicuously triggered this innate knowing that somehow, someway I was meant to be here for some greater purpose. Intuitively connecting to this gave me the “Will” to keep going… Ramin enrolled me into a personal coaching course that opened my eyes to see what I didn’t know to look for that makes the difference between choosing to live life fully versus giving up.

Through my own healing journey, I transformed my deep seated self-hatred into Self-Love and, counter-intuitively, my Soul’s Calling in life, found me….to share my experiences and gift of empowering others with the world.

My name is Karen Love Lee. I EMPOWER YOU through what has radically transformed not only my own life, but those of my countless clients. My specialty is helping you fall in mad-passionate LOVE with yourself, by healing your inner-child wounds. This is your PRIMARY RELATIONSHIP and the sole basis for all others.

“If there is #IndomitableWill there’s a way….If there’s HOPE, there’s MAGIC.” ~ #KarenLoveLee


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